Grand Mosque, in Bradford, first began in 1983 and is a textile mill, turned mosque. This four-storey building is situated the centre of Bradford and is both a mosque and a community centre. 

The mosque has its congregations/jamaat for the 5 daily prayers and Jummah/Friday prayers, but also has an education scheme for people under the age of 16, and programmes of Tarbiyya and Tasawwuf, which many scholars have graduated from. Furthermore, the mosque has frequent events for all people to learn and participate. For more information visit the website provided or email the mosque.

Additional Details
Good For
  • Easy Access
  • Wudu/Absolution
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Madrassa/School
  • Marriage Services
  • Funeral Services
  • Friday Prayer
  • Various Events
  • Women’s Prayer Facilities
  • Walk In


Horton Park Ave, Bradford, BD5 0LD